[Events] CCEJ is going to run an Oral statement on “Chaebol Reform: Time to end Corporatocracy” by the United Nations

Press Information Notice about to give our speech to the UN Trusteeship Council at the headquarters
in New York on Friday, July 19, 2019 (as scheduled)

Professor Park, Sangin (Seoul National University) is going to run our statement by the United Nations at the Trusteeship Council, its general debate of ECOSOC and HLPF


“About Chaebol Reform: Time to end Corporatocracy”


New York, on this Friday 10 AM – 1 PM (EST), July 19, 2019


The general debate of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and High-level Political Forum (HLPF) on sustainable development (in the conclusion of both parallel meetings) is going to be held on a main theme “Empowering People and ensuring inclusiveness and equality,” including NGO’s oral statements by its main representatives in the world on its focal point at local socioeconomics. And we will run the real world by you.

Our true activists and experts are working together on inclusive and sustainable economic growth, but now we are still concerned about the lion’s share in economic development and growth: the concentration of economic power as well as the existence of monopsony power. This unfair share is because of that “Corporatocracy” in the world of today.

In Korea economy, for instance, the Chaebol system has been—coming up for the exclusive gatekeeper of the society, meanwhile, coming down for affected stakeholder of the community in corporatocractic maladies. And these Chaebol companies wielded monopsony power engaging in technology extortion, price and wage squeezing, and caused SMEs and skilled labors to lose their incentive and their capacity to innovate until these days.

So without the Caebol reform, Korean ordinary people can’t see a vision of the future in our society; and Professor Park, Sangin (Seoul National University), a peer expert of the Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice is supposed to do our business in the light of day. And We’re so determined to come up with an imperative matter, “The end of Corporatocracy,” together for inclusive and sustainable economic development on to the United Nations and all the world to be better.


▌Contact: Professor Park, Sangin ( or Hochul Jung ( as well as our office (+82-2-766-5623)