Inaugural Declaration

  • July 8, 1989
    Since economic injustice in our society is so serious, it cannot be left unsettled.

    Poverty surviving in the slums of cities and farm villages removes the fundamental possibility of a decent life, and a small number of people who monopolize economic power have carried out their decisions using influences from all walks of life against the opinion of most people. As spreading extravagance and enjoyment lessen the desire of diligence and saving, and easy speculation and unearned income cause creativeness and the investment will of industries to decline, a basis of economic development has collapsed.

    As both extremes of “the rich become richer and the poor become poorer” cause a worse divide between people, the foundation of social stability is disturbed. As open unethical accumulation of wealth also disturbs general ethics which are a basic standard in the community, it makes our country, which is a valuable land for us and our posterity, a bloody world of the law of the jungle. Due to spreading economic injustice, our community has faced a crisis of collapse.

    It is a historical task for the moment to carry out economic justice and to eradicate the economic injustice prevailing in our society such as real estate speculation, a close relationship between political and business communities, financial false name system which approves unearned income and tax evasion, extreme variations of income, unfair management and labor relations, impoverishment of farm villages and of small- and medium industries, unfair distribution resulting from all the above-mentioned reasons, economic integration into business conglomerates, extravagance and enjoyment, and pollution. Without practicing economic justice, it is no more than a dream to construct a democratic welfare society, industrial peace, and economic growth.

    Above all, the most pressing need is to solve the real estate problem.

  • The invaluable land which cannot be produced artificially should be used for production and living to promote people’s welfare. However, it is misused as a means of increasing property for only a few people.

    The extreme disproportion of land possession and its speculation, and increase of land price caused by these factors make it difficult to easily supply housing which is a base of people’s life. They also incur skyrocketing of price, aggravation of management and labor dispute, huge speculative income and give rise to social and economic instability and corruption.

    It is our goal to accomplish a democratic welfare society as a community of freedom and equality, and of justice and peace, which not only secures people the rights of free selection for government policy, promote energy and efficiency of a market economy, but also solves shortcomings of a market economy such as unequal distribution, monopoly and pollution through the hands of a clean and efficient administration. The social development is not given free of charge, but is accomplished by the independent efforts of the members of society who overcome difficulties. The democratic welfare society can be achieved by active participation of all the members of the society.

    We will work diligently on a non-violent and peaceful civil movement for economic justice by gathering and organizing the good will and power of people from all walks of life. We will give assistance to the administration and the National Assembly in their efforts to realize economic justice, but we will firmly refute and criticize any kind of action to interfere with economic justice. We firmly promise to do our task as citizens living in this period and in this country to suppress avarice, share joy and difficulty with our neighbors for a democratic welfare society. Let all of us act and speak for economic justice rising all together and throwing away the idle egotism of the past.

Our Tasks

    • Everyone has the right to live a decent life free from poverty.
    • Unproductive unearned income should be eliminated.
    • Economic equal opportunity should be given to everybody to freely choose their life.
    • The government has a duty to correct the shortcomings of the market economy.
    • Plutocracy and a close relationship between political and business community which distorts real democracy should be eliminated.
    • Land must be used for production and living only, not as a means of increasing property speculation.